Luke Adams Glass Blowing Studio

Raise money for your charity or organization while blowing glass.
Call us with any questions or to book your fundraiser at (781) 688-1521

 Our studio is a great place to hold an event to raise support for your organization.

4 Hour Events Include:

Advance set-up time

1 Hour of Socializing

3 Hours of Glassblowing- $500 per glassblowing bench (12 ppl) - up to 3 benches (36ppl)

Jewelry making class- $25 per person (12 ppl per hour) - up to 3 hours (36 ppl)

Organizers can bring in their own food and drinks.


100% of ticket sales

  The cost of the fundraiser is based on the number of Glassblowing benches provided for the evening.  Each bench can accommodate up to 12 students for the night (36 people max. can participate in glassblowing per event). Organizers are then free to sell tickets to their attendees at a price of their choosing.  All proceeds from ticket sales go to the organizer.

  Additionally, Jewelry making can be added to the event,  Each hour of Jewelry making can accommodate up to 12 people.

 *Rescheduling can be done prior to the 72 hours before your class, party or event.  Within 72 hours of your class your scheduled time cannot be changed.  If you are unable to attend, you will forfeit your deposit, payment or your Deal Site voucher.


  The studio can comfortably host a 50-100 person event. 


  Our suggested retail price for attendee tickets are as follows:

  Attendee: $20

  Jewelry making +$20 ($40 total)

  Glassblowing +$75  ($95 total)


50% of silent auction

  Luke Adams Glass Blowing Studio will also provide a limited number of glass pieces for a silent auction on the night of the event.  Event organizers can select the pieces in advance.  50% of the proceeds of silent auction pieces will go to the organizer.


25% of Gallery sales

  Purchases made by attendees on the night of the event that are made in the studio's gallery can also be used to raise money.  Organizers will receive 25% of the gallery sales during the event.


40% of future class sales

  Event organizers can also sell future classes at Luke Adams Glass to their supporters.  We will provide organizers with gift certificates to sell classes to supporters who can come to the studio and take a class at a later time.  We can provide you with a list of classes and their prices.


We request 10 days notice to cancel or reschedule events.

 *Rescheduling or cancellations can be made prior to the 10 days before your party or event.  If you are unable to attend, you will forfeit your deposit.



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