Pumpkin Patch 12 piece Squat Set

Luke Adams Glass Blowing Studio

Create an AMAZING fall display with these 12 piece squat pumpkin sets. Each set comes with 12 assorted squat pumpkins. Choose from 3 different color stories. Each story has 9 festive color combinations so some colors will duplicate. Choose a colorful patch that suits your style. Great as teacher and hostess gifts.

ORANGE BRIGHTS- Frosted Jack, Brilliant Yellow, Ocean, Orange, Harvest, Saffron, Happily Ever After, Jack, and Frosted Harvest.

AUTUMN TRADITIONALS- Plum, Frosted Cran, Frosted Harvest, Autumn Green, Harvest, Opal, Frosted Jack, Lagoon, and Happily Ever After.

COLORFUL JEWELS- Candy, Harvest, Lime, Plum, Mermaid, Cobalt, Ocean, Lagoon, and Happily Ever After.



Orange Brights
Autumn Traditionals
Colorful Jewels

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