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Squat Glossy Black Pumpkin

These magical glass pumpkins make a statement all year round with their rich colors, fine details, and playfully coiled stems. Handblown at the Luke Adams Glassblowing Studio in our Massachusetts studio. Pure magic.

Approximately 4" tall x 5" wide

Handmade. All sizes are approximate and may vary.

Each glass pumpkin is carefully handcrafted, making them all unique in color and shape. Pumpkins start out as a hot blob of glass, gathered off a pipe from a 2,200 degree furnace. The glassblower blows into the pipe to trap a bubble. Pumpkin ridges are added by mold. The glassblower blows again to form the pumpkin base. A twisted glass stem is added to the top. Next, they "cool" overnight in a 900 degree oven. And just like that, a pumpkin is born.


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