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Lepidolite Soothing Stone

Worry not, and ease into a calmer state of mind. Through a process called acupressure- rubbing the stone between your thumb & fingers- stimulates numerous nerve endings. These points connect to meridians within our bodies stimulating aspects of the brain. Endorphins release creating a naturally calming and EUPHORIC effects.

Lepidolite brings light and hope to dark situations; enhances cosmic awareness in meditation; and balances emotions and brings inner peace.
When held or kept nearby, lepidolite is believed to help ease anxiety and calm an overactive mind. Its soothing energy can provide a sense of comfort and emotional balance, making it a popular choice for those seeking relief from emotional turmoil or sleep disturbances. Lepidolite is often used during meditation and mindfulness practices to aid in achieving a state of inner peace and deep relaxation.

Carry this enchanting stone in your pocket, place it under your pillow, or wear it as jewelry to keep its calming influence close at hand throughout the day. Treat yourself or a loved one to the serenity and peace that our Lepidolite Calming Stone can bring.


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