Squat Pumpkins

Luke Adams Glass Blowing Studio

Our best selling size glass pumpkin. Creates a great seasonal display, however, these pumpkins are collected year round. Sold in sets of twelve from 3 different color categories.

Orange Brights- Frosted Jack, Saffron, Ocean, Orange, Harvest, Brilliant Yellow, Happily Ever After, Jack, and Frosted Harvest

Autumn Traditionals- Plum, Frosted Cran, Frosted Harvest, Autumn Green, Harvest, Opal, Frosted Jack, Lagoon, and Happily Ever After

Colorful Jewels- Frosted Candy, Harvest, Lime, Plum, Mermaid, Cobalt, Ocean, Lagoon, and Happily Ever After

Orange Brights
Autumn Traditionals
Colorful Jewels

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