Wine Night - BYOB

Wine night classes are the newest addition to our Jewelry Classes.  These are the most social and interactive classes that we offer.  Wine night Jewelry classes are held on Saturdays at 5pm and Sundays at Noon.  Classes will hold up to 15 people.  We start by making wine bottle stoppers that have a decorative glass top and metal and rubber stopper or you can make variety of other jewelry pieces.  Students are encouraged to bring their beverage of choice to the class.  Wine night is a fun and less structured experience than our other classes.  You will have the option to make additional pieces that night as well.  The class usually lasts about two hours but students can leave or stay as long as they need to finish their pieces.

 *Rescheduling can be done prior to the 72 hours before your class, party or event.  Within 72 hours of your class your scheduled time cannot be changed.  If you are unable to attend, you will forfeit your deposit, payment or your Deal Site voucher.

# of Students