3 Hour Glassblowing Class Gift Certificate

Purchase a gift certificate for a 3 hour glassblowing class. When you are ready, you can schedule your class here.

Get deeper into the fun of hot glass in our 3 Hour Class. Students will make 2 pieces in this class.

Students can choose from 3 different pieces to start: a Paperweight (included), a Pumpkin (+$10) or an Ornament (+$10)  Students will then have their choice of a larger and more involved piece to make.  Choices include: Tall Tumbler, Scalloped Bowl, Vase, 2nd Pumpkin or a Footed Bowl.  Clear glass is included with your class.  You will have the option to upgrade your piece to include color when you arrive. ($10-$20 for color options)  Pick your favorite colors or work in clear glass and our teachers will help you do the rest.  Students will have something of their own making to take home. 

All glass pieces need overnight annealing (a cooling process) and will be ready for pick up or shipment the next day.  Students 10-18 years old are able to participate in this class if a parent or guardian is also taking the class. Please call us if you have any special requests, needs or questions and we will do whatever we can to accommodate you. 

Price is for one person for a 3 hour glassblowing class. May also be redeemed for products on our website.

This gift certificate does not expire.

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