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Little Gnomes
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Little Gnomes $16.00
Glass Heart Second $10.00 $29.00
Small Heart
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Small Heart from $22.19 $27.00
Medium Heart
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Medium Heart $34.00
Fused Kites
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Fused Kites $20.00 $39.00
Miniature Galaxy
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Miniature Galaxy Sold Out
Gummy Bear Pendants $13.80 $29.00
Monet Squat Pumpkin $69.00 $99.00
Glass Star Second
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Glass Star Second $10.00 $29.00
Starry Night Spiral from $19.00 $29.00
Large Star
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Large Star $34.00
Baby Elf
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Baby Elf $13.80
Small Star
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Small Star Sold Out

Luke Adams Glass is a handmade glassblowing studio located in Norwood, Massachusetts. Our talented team of artists create signature glass pieces including pumpkins, suncatchers, fused glass, and other handmade gifts. We pride ourselves in maintaining one of the largest glassblowing operations in the country. In addition to our own creations, we've partnered with artists all over the world to offer unique gifts and wares.


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