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Carnelian Soothing Stone

Worry not, and ease into a calmer state of mind with the help of these calming stones. Worry stones offer a beneficial natural treatment for anxiety, stress, and tension.

Through a process called acupressure, rubbing the stones between your fingers or palms stimulate numerous nerve endings. These points are called pressure points and connect to meridians within our bodies which can stimulate aspects of the brain. 

Endorphins release creating a naturally calming and relaxing effect.

Carnelian aids the sacral chakra to encourage inspired action. This vibrant stone drives confidence and the power of true expression. It boosts creativity, vitality, and passion. It brings good luck and manifestation of one’s desires.

This gemstone is thought to boost self-confidence, courage, and personal power. It may help alleviate self-doubt and encourage taking action towards achieving goals. Carnelian is often used by individuals seeking motivation and empowerment.

In addition to artistic creativity, carnelian is also associated with sexual energy and vitality. It is believed to improve passion in romantic relationships.

approximately 2" x 1.5" x .25"

* each piece sold separately, group picture shows variety they come in.


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