Class FAQ

Can I schedule a class?

-No, we are not holding classes until further notice. 

I bought a Groupon, will it expire?

-No, we will not let your Groupon expire.  We will honor it until you schedule.

Can I reschedule a class that was booked during the shutdown?

-Yes. We will be emailing you a link to rebook classes from the shut down.  Keep an eye out for an email from us.

My Class was cancelled, now what?

-We will be emailing you soon to reschedule. 

Can I pick up my piece?

-Please email us with the date of everyone in your class, as well as time and date of class.

Can I apply the value of my class toward a purchase instead?

-Yes, we are happy to apply the value of your Groupon or Voucher toward something from our web site.  Email us for a shopping code:

Can I get a refund for my Groupon?

-Only Groupon can refund your Groupon purchase.  You will need to contact them directly.