Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I book a class online with my gift card code? 
On your gift card or voucher there is a redemption/voucher code (usually between 6-10 numbers/letters).
Click HERE to go to our classes page
Then select the class your gift card is for and click on "Book Now"
Inbetween the name of the class and the calendar underneath it, is a button that says "Click here to redeem gift card/promo code"
Enter your code there and it will void out the price

How many people can you fit in a class? 

It all really depends on the availability but normally glassblowing classes have 4 people for 1 instructor and fused glass have 10. But if you have more people than that then just give us a call at 781-688-1521 and we can make your class longer or with multiple instructors.

Also see the options for Private Events

Uh-oh something came up, can I reschedule?

Call us or email us anytime prior to 72 hour before your class (3 days before) and we can cancel, reschedule, or find a way to make things work. 


Student Pick-Up

When can I pick up the piece I made? 

Glassblowing pieces are ready 2 days after your class and we hold onto them for about 3 - 4 months to give you plenty of time to come in to grab them.

Fused Takes 1-2 weeks to be ready, but you will get an email once they are ready.
We are open until 8 pm everyday except Mondays and Wednesdays. After 4 pm there are only instructors in the middle of teaching so you can just walk in and go into the student pick up area and grab your piece (it will have your name on it in your handwriting).
Mondays and Wednesdays we are only open until 4 pm because we do not have any classes.


I’m actually not going to be able to come pick up my piece, can you ship it for me? 

Absolutely. Just click HERE.



Can you repair this item I have or make a custom item for me? 

There are so many different types of glass and different processes but if you email us at we can absolutely take a look and get back to you if it is possible.



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